Tuesday, 14 June 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

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biking bumf

The biking cupboard is getting rather full at the moment. Scoob's bike has moved in (taking the Commecal Meta 5.5 count up to 3 if you count my cracked frame) and as with most mtbers, the guff just keeps on mounting. 3 Giro Xens and counting, a piss pot, 2 full face lids, 2 Camelbaks, 105 tires, 6 wheels etc etc etc

Sunday, 12 June 2011

a hungover visit to whinlatter

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Really need to start taking my camera with me. The phone is the lazy option and hardly gives the best results when pushed.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

On the road with Neil & scoob

Plonk had the helmet camera for a few months at the start of the year. Did he use it much? Did he fuck. But here's a few bits put together from what he did get. Innerleithen Winter series with Scoob, Yarra, Pussy and Baldy. Ae SDA with Baldy and Fort William SDA with some rain and wind.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cotty's Canyon Strive ES7

Cotty's new Canyon Strive ES7 is proving a good buy.

Nobody's jealous.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Fort william downhill world cup 2011

Day 01

Waiting for Plonk and Scoob to pick me up. Hope I've not forgotten anything.

No trip to the Fort would be complete without a trip to Mhor Bread in Callander for a pie or three. Officialy the best pie in the whole wide world. Ever. FACT.

Scoob dispatches another pie with cold and remorseless precision.
Do not approach Neil whilst he's with pie. He will attack like a vicious wild bastard.

Team Sex.

Warm in Scotland shocker!!!

Proper Scotland.

Home for the weekend. Little did the neighbors know that sleep would be impossible due to Scooby's snoring that would soon be reverberating around the valley.

After putting the tents up and chillaxing for a bit we were off up the hill to watch practice. I took NO photos. Brilliant. Got this though.

The new road gap at the start of the wood section. It had a terrible run in, mud, roots and holes all the way in.

After walking up the bottom half of the track it was beer o'clock. "Let the carnage begin" was the cry.

Then the walk/stagger to the car park.
followed by...

Day 02

After a big aternoon and night on the booze followed by trying to sleep through Scoob's snoring, fet wasn't great. Fear not though, Neil and I got back on it and were soon in fine form. Scoob spent his day looking for stones to sit on.

Looked at...

Beer tent...

Turned up...


Late night opening in the dodgy bar

Day 03 - Race Day

And the winner, Greg Minnaar

But the man of the day was Danny Hart with the loosest, wildest run imaginable and it got him a second.


Monday after Fort William Billiam, inspired by the weekends events and in need of sweating some alcohol off, I dragged the Demo up Whita (one hour +) and came down the front (four minutes). The plan had been to film right into the Douglas but a parked car got in the road.

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